• About Omar

      Omar Sykes was a rising senior at the Howard University School of Business. He was an active member of Alpha Phi Omega International Service Fraternity. Having grown up in California, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and South Africa, he adopted Washington DC as his home.

      He was hard-working and entrepreneurial. He had worked in the DC Mayor's summer jobs program at the Department of State's Public Affairs office, as a manger in retail stores in the Distrct. He was well known for his polite, open-hearted way with everyone he met, and his passion for making he world a better place through music, art and social action.

      He is survived by his beloved nephew, his sisters, parents, grandparents and a legion of aunts and uncles both of the flesh and of the heart.

  • Contact Form

      Thank You to all who shared in Omar's memory at his memorial service and to all who have shared in their own way. Omar touched many people and we do not want to hinder anyone from sharing how he has touched your heart. If you would like to send kind words of support or share how he touched your heart send a message to the following email address: share@rememberingomar.com

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